Bra Size

Underbust Measurement
Take the measurement by holding the tape directly under the bust. This
measurement is rounded up or down by individual comfort and assigned
to a size (refer to table).

Bust Measurement
Place the tape directly over the widest of the breast without cutting in.

Cup Size
The difference between the (1.) bust measurement (2.) and the underbust
measurement = the Cup Size
For Example: 40.2 inches – 33.5 inches = 6.7 inches = cup C

BRA SIZE: Underbust Measurement + Cup Size = Bra Size

Waist Measurement
Hold the tape horizontally around the most narrow part of waist without
cutting in.

Hip Measurement
Hold the tape horizontally without cutting in at the widest point of
the hips.

Shapewear Size: If there is considerable difference between the
waist and hip, always take the larger size!

Panty Measurement
Typically falls to the average dress size and selected based on
individual comfort

* This is a guideline for determining size and may not be exact size needed.